Man Orders son to Video Tape him Beating his Wife

I have heard of cases of domestic violence before, but this one is really unbelievable! Susan married Ulner Lee Still in 1989 after the couple had dated for several years. According to Susan Ulner was a bit overprotective while they were dating, but she was convinced he was the love of her life. After the marriage things got even worse.

For ten years Stil verbally abused his wife. He frequently called her stupid, told her she was a bad mother, and alienated her from family. On one occasion Stil called a family meeting and made the children call their mother a white ho slut in unison. But, as usually happens, the verbal and psychological abuse stopped being enough for Stil so he began beating his wife.

For two years Susan was beaten on almost a daily basis. To Stil everything from belts to books constituted weapons. Then one Sunday afternoon things took a dramatic turn.

Stil, who had a habit of making audio tapes of his abuse, could not find his tape recorder. So, he grabbed his video camera and ordered the couples 13-year-old son to video the beating. For 40 minutes Stil was recorded screaming insults at his wife and threatening her with violence. In less than an hour he called her stupid 23 times and heifer 28 times. During the recording the son who was making the tape is heard supporting his father’s actions. Finally after 40 minutes of threatening abuse, Stil delivered on his promise.

For more than ten minutes Stil is seen punching, kicking, and throwing his wife around the room. At last, he ordered his son to turn off the camera and get his mother some ice.

The next day Susan showed up for work and decided that she needed to get out. With the help of a friend she called the police. Thanks to records kept by the friend of all of the days Susan had come to work with bruises, the video tape of the beating, and recorded phone calls where Stil threatened to kill Susan the evil bastard was sentenced to 36 years in jail. He will not be eligible for parole until 2022.

If you are a victim of domestic violence call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 800-799-SAFE to get help. And know that you are not facing your struggle alone.

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9 Responses to “Man Orders son to Video Tape him Beating his Wife”

  1. NG Lynd Says:

    Although this made it to the Oprah show a few years ago, this story was not covered as it should have been. I do not know why it was not. It seems like it took the press a long time to catch up to it. He was guilty in 2004 but she was not on shows until 2007 and only a few at that. I am so glad this is being posted in the blogosphere again. Perhaps because of our society’s renewed concern because of the Rihanna situation.

    I hope she is ok, both of them actually

  2. Jonathan Simeone Says:

    I had never heard of this story before today. But I am glad that it has gotten some coverage for the last few years. Americans need to know how often women and children are being abused.

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  4. moonbeam Says:

    i saw this story, and im glad he is put away. he is a sorry SOB. and a coward. i hope inmates where he is, would give him 7 fold the treatment he gave susan.

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  7. E.Harmon Says:

    It really sickens me to read such an article, the mother and the children, were victims of child abuse. I just hope that they will get some therapy for the mom and the children,because this could reflect future relationships with other children and adults as well,he should (the father) should have gotten life in prison, he was asking for it!

  8. G. Hopkins Says:

    Does anyone know if there was any aspect of Ulner Lee Still’s background/upbringing – be it cultural, religious, childhood abuses, and/or group affiliations – that could turn him into such a monster when treating his wife in this manner? This is usually learned or accepted behavior in some circles.

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